Sunday, January 6, 2013

    Well its been one hell of a year Delaware and we can't thank our fans, friends, family and fellow performers enough! Your very own Hold-Up(mind the hyphen) has been hard at work booking, writing and performing, all so that we can give you an even better 2013. We have at least two new songs on the way, at least 7 incredible high energy performances and possibly some guest appearances that you won't want to miss.
       On a side note regarding our fellow performers, we want to say that since we started this group back in 2009 we have seen so much good go down in the local music scene. Groups like New Sweden, The Mad-Sweet Pangs and Spokey Speaky continually show us that to be a musician who is playing local original music, in order to succeed we have to stick together and work as a team. With events like The Pangs-Giving @ World Cafe Live at The Queen and various local shows we see a constant collaboration that is not done solely for profit but for the enjoyment of performing and working as a team to present a new group of songs, voices and arrangements to the world of original music. To all of this we can't say enough " Thank you".

In closing folks, keep an eye on The Hold-Up this year.

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