Saturday, July 9, 2011

Upcoming Shows and Recording News !

       Hey Everyone
               First of all we would like to thank Graffiti Radio for having us on the bill @ Mojo Main a week or so back ! We had alot of fun and really appreciated the exposure.We really like what Graffiti is doing for the local music scene and look forward to working with them more in the future. Also Mojo Main has quickly become one of our favorite venues to play, in fact we like it so much that we will be returning on August 5th alongside  "A New Dakota"
                 However before that you are all invited out to Devin Zito's birthday celebration !!! We are playing for the very first time alongside Zito's father's band Stackabones! This is a really exciting occasion deserving of an even more exciting crowd like yourselves!!! 
 August 4th @ Film Brothers Co-Op( 2nd st and Lower Market, Wilmington DE.) 
 (and because it is still a show we are going to be selling tickets for the low low price of::::
                                                  $6.00 @ door (night of)
                                $5.00 in advance (online or from band)
                  Also in regards to where we are at with our EP: 
                               Everything is recorded and ready to go, our next step is heading over to Target Studios to get together with (Grammy Nominee) Mark Moss , to get the album mastered!! After that its off to Discmakers and a few other places for the finalized product and distribution! (That being said) It is a busy month and August is going to be phenomenal!! 
                 Thanks again for all of the love and support from our friends, family and fans. 
                                                                                                         Yours Truly , 
                                                                                                              The Hold-Up 
Oh and check out some of our Randomness on tumblr!! Bill Murray in a Batsuit, Bookshelf Porn, Frank Zappa in Toilet Paper, and  Quentin Tarantino is pissed off!!! 


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