Friday, March 4, 2011


Heya Folks !!
Hope you like our new looks!! Much thanks to Mr. Brian Wild for the Amazing job well done on the Photoshoot, please feel free to check out some of the ones I've recently uploaded to the slideshow, (much more to come both here and around town )!!! Anyways, we have some show updates !! We want to first thank all of you (shout out to the GFC!! ) Who have been supporting us on Tuesdays down at The Blue Parrot, we want to continue to give you a place to let off a little steam from the beginning of that stressful work-week, you keep coming out and we'll keep playing as well as providing you with our featured guests each week , coming up we have some exciting bands, as well as some hybrids from other local acts such as "Coppertonic" featuring Jeremy Worthington of "Bodega", Mr. Mark Bader (the keymaster), a possible appearance by "Smoke Signals" (featuring Zach Thomas of American Buffalo and various members of "Diego Paulo". We are also proud to announce a night in April that we're tentatively calling "Women'Hold-Up' The Blue Parrot" featuring (hometown hero) Rachel Schain , Sarah Flynn and some very very talented young ladys out of Kennett Square called "The Born Sisters".

Show announcements!!!!!
APRIL 16th ---- We will be playing @ Mojo 13 for the TRIC TOWN ANNIVERSARY SHOW !!
APRIL 20th -----We spread our wings a bit and hop on the stage in philly @ THE M ROOM
APRIL 23rd -----We return to our new favorite South Street hangout LICKETY SPLIT (phl.PA)
where we are also joined by Ms. Lillie Ruth Bussie and Mr. James Cerrato and co.
(BIG NEWS !!!!!!!)
APRIL 30th--- The Hold-Up will be playing the Film Brothers/World Cafe BATTLE OF THE BANDS, it will be a great time and a historical moment for us, being able to grace the stage of the newly restored QUEEN THEATER!!! see us, message us, text us, call us , We have tickets available for this, get them while their hot!!!!!!
Alright so, heres to catching up !!! :) :)
The Hold-Up

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